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Elite Care

We provide services to children, adolescents, adults, individuals, and families of all ages 5-18. We’re located in Jonesboro, Georgia, and we provide in-home and office-setting services throughout the entire state of Georgia. Elite Care has been in business since 2006, starting in North Carolina, and has expanded to Georgia, which has been operating since 2018.

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What We Aim to Achieve Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Elite Care Inc. to be the best provider. It is our goal to provide the best care to the clients we serve. It is our ultimate goal to support, promote, and assist people with developing skills so that they can live their lives to their fullest potential and strive to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and their families through counseling, advocacy, education, training, modeling and provision of a range of supports and services. We provide services to Children & Adolescents Ages 5-18. We provide services to Fulton, Clayton, DeKalb Henry, and Rockdale.

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What We Want to Become Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide compassionate and comprehensive behavioral health care services that empower individuals to achieve mental wellness and lead fulfilling lives. Through our innovative approach, we strive to break down barriers to care and promote mental health awareness within our community. Our commitment to excellence and collaboration ensures that we deliver the highest quality of care to those who seek our services.